How you can join the blogging community and create your personal blog

We outline what you need to start and setting your own blog  personally and reasons, responses of WHYS to do it there is 3 reasons and  5 steps:

– The most popular way of communicating and devlopping information and news is the blogging. inspite There are a multiple millions of blogs online (never mind, you can be noticed)

  1. The moste good and useful way to express yourself and share information magically with others.
  2. You improve your person ality and your skills to be a good writer.
  3. To have and make money the very best object to do it!


To Guide you to blogging there is 5 steps:

There is no needed skills just a little capacity technical and there are no coding requested its very good news ?


We show you how to begin your Blogging in 5 steps

In these steps you should do to set your blog after following this guide with the other steps you can do your own blog in less than hour.

  1. Select you better plateforme for the blog ( there are many like blogger, wordpress,tumblr)
  2. host your website for your blog
  3. Put your own blog on your domain
  4. Take your time to choose the design for your blog
  5. Choose your appropriate ressources for your blog


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