The Most Common WordPress Mistakes to avoid for beginners


Many bloggers use WordPress get their opinions out there. But how can get the most out of it.

 Here is a few guidelines
  • Keep your permalinks clean and understandable. Make sure you URL makes sense.
  • Make sure you have a landing page for your visitors. This will help your website gain some authenticity and makes a little more professional.
  • Always use alt tag when uploading images, use alt and title text. Make sure to provide title and alternate text when uploading your images in order to have more keyword phrases to your content.
  • Use the footer area at the bottom of your blog pages for infos about yourself or your copyright.
  • Use a plugin to add page numbers to improve your blog’s navigation and make your website looks more organize.
  • Check all of your plugins regularly to ensure that your visitors have a seamless experience on your site.
  • sing up for video tutorials on Youtube channels.

I hope this few tips and tricks will help you maintain your blog in a simpler and or effective way.

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